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Don Daniels

This graphic is an original egg tempera work by the internationally recognized surrealistic artist Colini.

Click on various elements of the painting for embedded links to other portions of this home page.

"D˛" is a nickname that Mr. Daniels was given by a friend in his high school days. In addition to being his computer "signature" it once served as the name of his Computer Consulting Company, D˛ Systems, Inc.

This Home Page is really not intended to be much more than a personal ego trip. If you have a problem with that, I suggest that you hit your BACK key now, or take a chance with a random WWW Warp into cyberspace.

View the current Quote of the Day. As the System Operator of a computer Bulletin Board System for over ten years, I've been collecting and culling literally thousands of quotes from many sources. This selection represents my favorite 200. EMail me one if you think it better than the one displayed. Perhaps I'll agree.

Don Daniels at Gillman's Point atop Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

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This home page provided courtesy of <% 'If Left(Host, 3) = "DON" Or Left(Host, 3) = "10." Or Left(Host, 2) = "D2" Then If Left(Host, 3) = "DON" Or Left(Host, 3) = "10." Then %> American Data Services, Inc.. <% Else %> Advanced Logic Resources, Inc.. <% End If %>

This page, and all contents, are Copyright © 1995-1999 by Don Daniels, Medford, New York.
Last modified: February 10, 1999

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