Top Ten Things I've Done

  1. Circumnavigated the world three times. (Twice westerly, once eastward)

  2. Crossed the Atlantic on a 39-foot Catamaran (Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, to Tortola, BVI)

  3. Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (to Gilman's Point)

  4. SCUBA dove through a German ship off Aruba, on the Great Barrier Reef, in Tahiti, and in the Sai Gon river.

  5. Took a solo, 8500 mile Motorcycle trip from Long Island, NY down into Florida, Arizona, Chihuahua Mexico, and back.

  6. Left the U.S. to keep from being drafted.

  7. Performed a one-man Compurization Mission for the United Nations in Kenya.

  8. Took a motorcycle trip (via dhow in part) from Kuwait to Tehran.

  9. Got arrested for being a suspected Israeli spy in Beirut on my honeymoon.

  10. Worked three years (night and day - actually lived there) for no salary, creating a Value Added Network for the U.S. Government's FACNET EDI initiative [outperforming the likes of IBM, AT&T, Sprint, MCI, EDI, et al], then sued the DoD for breach of contract, won the merit portion of that case on appeal, then after a total of 13 years fighting the Government's stonewalling, was awarded absolutely nothing on a judge's failure to apply the principles behind the original merit decision to the quantum half of the case, wherein he focused on the 3% that the Government actually did, instead of the 100% that was contracted by them to have been done in half the time that the 3% took.

          Other Activities of Interest

  • 1st President of the International FidoNet Association.

  • Inspired, and later commissioned, several egg tempera paintings by international surrealist, Colini.

  • Crewman, Coxswain, AuxOp, and Webmaster for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. While patrolling during OpSail 2000, ran into my son on USCG Cutter Chinook near Statue of Liberty. Was called out to Montauk Pt CG Station to backfill right after 9/11.

  • White-water rafted down the Zambesi.

  • Arranged for my parents to visit a teenager in India that they had supported for several years. She is now residing in the U.S. Another child they subsequently supported designed the Indian commemorative postage stamp for the Asian Games.

  • Was an original investor in Breckenridge Brewery, Tommyknocker Brewery, and Long Island Brewery.

  • Founded the Kuwait Industrial Softball League in 1977.

  • Played third base for Der Fliegende Hollanders (The Flying Dutchmen - KLM) baseball team in Holland.

  • Won championships in Holland playing on Dutch "county-wide" badminton and volleyball teams.

  • Played on fast pitch, slow pitch, and co-ed softball teams in Iran; also played in a flag football league, and practiced with the 2nd-place National level Iranian volleyball team.

  • Was able to play badminton in Viet Nam, Kenya, Kuwait, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, and Holland.

  • Smuggled my then wife-to-be into Mexico.

  • Was an assistant for a professional magician.

  • Worked as the Stage Manager at a university auditorium.

  • Was a Technical Director for Youth For Christ.

  • Worked as a caddie at prestigious Oakland Hills Country Club, the course that Ben Hogan dubbed The Monster.

  • Have been a member of Big Brothers, Mensa, and Alpha Psi Omega.

  • Attended the 1st "Game of the Century" the infamous 10-10 football tie in 1966 between Notre ("Tie one for the Gipper") Dame and Michigan State. Also attended the 1966 Rose Bowl, the 1945 and 1984 World Series, and flew back to Detroit for the 1979 tumultuous return of Gordie Howe after his eight years in retirement and the WHA [the part when he is in the green uniform — the reception was greater than he received later in the season at the All-Star game, also shown here].

  •       And last but not least:

  • Got married three times.
            If you think that one isn't "interesting" then surely you've never tried it...


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Last modified: February 3, 2021