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Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm - Cambodia

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Angkor Wat

The eerie silence and solitude, standing in a spot from which an amazing civilization had totally disappeared some five hundred years before, the remoteness from current civilization -- these all had an overpowering effect on our senses. Tucked so far away from anything else of note, the majesty of Angkor Wat -- the largest temple in the world -- takes the breath away and leaves one talking in whispers. The relentless crush of the jungle reclaiming Ta Prohm as its own, fills one with awe of the power of nature over man who, ultimately, can only stand against it in spirit.

Somehow, that spirit reaches out from hundreds of years ago to touch not only myself who stood there in silent wonder but, years later through my testimony and photos, another who, through the detailed magic of his art, passes on that spirit to how many countless more...
A tribute to that appears in my "portrait", D3.
          More paintings by Colini.

Ta Promh

Ta Promh

Banteay Srei

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