Mr. Daniels is a long-time friend of the internationally recognized surrealistic artist Colini, whose egg tempera paintings evoke images from European history, juxtaposed worlds, and our tortured past.

Colini is the signature of Vojen Wilhelm Cech who has been featured in a one-man tribute at the Art Museum in his home town of Kolin in the Czech Republic, currently leads a two-man show "A Celebration of Two Masters" near his new home/studio/gallery in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Daniels' photos of the overgrown ruins of the temples of Ta Prohm in Cambodia provided a theme for a series of Colini paintings including this "portrait" of Mr. Daniels entitled:

"D3" (D to the Power of Three)

No. 216 - 1985 (click for jpeg - 107K)

The painting is a tribute neither to death nor the macabre as might first be imagined but to immortality; the immortality in this case being that of a "dead" civilization, halfway around the world, that was reborn for Colini through the conveyance of another individual.

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