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Agra and Coonoor, India

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Taj Mahal - Agra, India

Viewing the pristine whiteness of the Taj Mahal on a sunny day is actually painful to the eyes; one has to squint or turn away occasionally. It is a relief to go inside to escape the brightness and relentless Indian heat for the coolness of the marble walls and floors.

Sad, though, that so much majesty and beauty could be offset by all the garbage and algae in the reflecting pool. I wonder if that has changed in the many years since our visit...

Coonoor - South India

Not what one imagines when one typically thinks of India. The hot, dusty portions of India do exist, but this section in the Ghats northwest of Coimbatore were cool and lush in the morning as we sprang a surprise visit on a then 15 year old Tibetan girl my parents had sponsored through the Christian Children's Fund (CCF). I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the CCF program, having seen the actual effect it has on a child. Sonam's story demonstrates the power of love in this community we call Earth.


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