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African Safari Lands - Kenya/Tanzania

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Having both vacationed and worked in Kenya I can vouch for it being one of the great vacation spots on Earth. Almost everything is here, from deserts to tropical rain forests, savannas to snow-covered mountains, dormant volcanos to long, pristine beaches.

Taking a camera safari has a special magic to it that is hard to explain until you've experienced it! Something wonderfully strange about you being the interloper in a world belonging to other species. All in all, East Africa is a wonderful place to take your children; the food, lodging, prices, and people all range from reasonable to remarkable. I couldn't get over the grandeur of the lodges and their settings, nor the remarkable food and service, particularly when you consider the fact that you are essentially a captive audience.

Carnivore, a somewhat touristy restaurant outside Nairobi, is nonetheless an exciting evening with its huge open pit barbecues featuring the various game available that day (crocodile, zebra, giraffe, whatever) that are sliced onto your plate by strolling waiters.


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