Quick Instructions for Using the Virtual Show Program

The show is best viewed in Full Screen Mode.  Various browsers will enter that mode (and later exit it) by pressing F11.

Should the images and text information not fit well on your display, you may be able to adjust that by using Ctrl-+ or Ctrl--.

If you wish to change the pace of the automatic screen change you may do so by typing the number of seconds you want to use in the text box and pressing the adjoining Submit button (or Enter on some browsers).
If you select too low a value, there may not be enough time to enter a higher value, in which case you might just have to hit the Abandon function to cancel the program and start over.

You may tell the program to immediately switch to the previous or next painting by clicking on << or >> respectively.

If you happen to know Colini's assigned number for a painting, you may enter that in the Painting No. box and press the associated Submit button (or Enter?) to jump to that painting.

When you are done watching the show click on Abandon to stop it as this will stop further downloading resources from being used.

Start the Show

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